Guiding Students and Families Through the US College Admissions Process


Planning Your Future

Planning and knowledge are critical elements in successfully applying to college.  The College Express will guide you and your family through the numerous decisions and deadlines along the way.

It's Never Too Late or Too Early to Start Planning

No matter when we start the process, we will meet regularly throughout the year to monitor progress, answer questions, adjust your personalized plan as new elements are presented and encourage your commitment to your goals. 

Personalized Services

 We start by finding out what your interests and goals are, where you are academically and what you hope to accomplish in the future.  With this information, we will:

  • Evaluate your best testing options and create an individualized testing timeline,
  • Make course recommendations while in high school,
  • Encourage and advise on extracurricular and community service activities that correspond to your interests and skills,
  • Help you develop a strong list of potential schools based on your academic profile, career goals and college vision,
  • Plan college visits and offer suggestions for getting the most out of the visits,
  • Create a detailed and personalized college admissions deadlines timetable,
  • Research scholarship options,
  • Provide guidance on college applications essays, including writing strategies, theme development, review and revision,
  • Review completed applications before submission,
  • Celebrate with you as you make the "big decision."

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Especially for International Students:

Early planning is essential for international students as US universities will evaluate you on coursework as early as Grade 9. As well as completing all the above steps, we will help you understand the different criteria that US universities use in their selections: coursework, academic standard, testing and activities outside of the classroom.  From there, we will determine the individual steps you need to take to achieve your future educational goals.  We will evaluate your course choices and make recommendations on the strongest options for you; we will plan an appropriate testing schedule, and help you get prepared for them; and we provide specific recommendations for after-school and summer activities that will enhance your overall student profile. We will also introduce you to universities that meet your personal preferences and academic record, and help you to evaluate your options.

How it works:

  • Introductory presentation on the US university system for parents and students,

  • Annual fall and late winter meetings in person,

  • Three scheduled video conferences (approximately December, April, June) as well as additional conferences as requested or needed,

  • Ongoing email communication with individualized updates and information,

  • Invitation to our US University Tour- each year we escort a group of students to visit a variety of different types of colleges and universities in a selected area of the US,

  •  USA College Day, London- students will have the opportunity to develop a personal plan prior to the fair and we will join them on their visit,

  • Grade 12 Application Workshop, London.  Designed specifically for international students applying to US universities, students will work in small groups, guided by an experienced adviser, in completing the Common Application and required personal statement.

To find out more, please contact: Ila Fischer

More Information - More Choices - Better Decisions

Fulton Hall, Boston College

What They Say:

"I just wish we had started earlier.  The later you start, the less time you have to make adjustments."


Personalized Services:

  • Hourly services address specific areas of concern.
  • Yearly services provide regular meetings throughout the year to maintain steady progress toward your goals.
  • Summer College Application Workshops help to manage the application workload during the school year.

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