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Let's Chat!

How often have you and a group of friends gotten together and the conversation turns to college?  You all have lots of questions but no one has answers. Well, I do and I would be glad to answer yours!

I am offering free “Let's Chat College for small groups and families which include my presentation “The FAQs about College Admission” followed by an informal      Q & A.  These chats are designed to be full of practical suggestions and important information.

So, invite your friends and let's chat!

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No sales, just information!


"The FAQs about College Admissions Today"

Designed for parents and students, this presentation seminar answers  the most frequent and critical questions that both students and parents have.  "Is it really harder to get into college these days?", "What is the difference between UC and CSU?," "What exactly are A-G requirements?," "SAT, ACT or both?," "Why is my GPA not my GPA?,"  "What should I/my student be doing now?," and the big one, "How much is it really going to cost?"

Please join me for a presentation full of practical suggestions and important information.

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More Information - More Choices - Better Decisions

Royce Hall, UCLA

What they said about last year's workshops:

"The feedback and process were incredibly helpful and I feel more prepared now."

 "I felt really overwhelmed before but now I have many more ideas and I feel comfortable writing essays now."

"It got us involved with all of the college websites, essays and scholarships."

"The best part was the chance to get organized."

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